05/15 update

Both On and off shine!
Work pants coordination

Pants that recommendation is mobile to buy more of this season. Particularly, work pants-style designs such as beige or khaki are ◎. in dehakireime-style up to laying upon We can spend time comfortably at home and are most suitable for adult woman to wear every day.

Degree up stylish with pants!
Pants which footwork is light, and can spend time are getting popular this season. In particular, ichi push is earth color such as beige and khaki, green. It drills white pants without setting up mind, and width of coordinates spreads as it is easy to match with casual item. Furthermore, use work pants-style design in active scene and it is digested and can direct feeling casually.

It is most suitable for kireime casual
Pants which worked of work pants-style design just put simple T-shirts together, and style with atmosphere is completed. If put on linen shirt to tank top; in style with a feeling of relaxation. In the step, we can enjoy heel shoes dekireimenimo with flat sandals or sneakers which are nudie casually.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of May 15, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 9,790 (tax-included)

    Herringbone/denim easy Baker pants

    Baker pants that comfort is comfortable by fashion. Convenience is perfect with big pocket of side, too. As West is rubber, we are relaxed all day and drill.
  • Nano・universe

    \ 6,600 (tax-included)

    WEB-limited/Baker pants

    Baker pants that big pocket covers figure casually. 100% cotton nokireimena dough which was clogged up of eyes. Rear West is rubber specification. Even if arrange with belt on hand; ◎.
  • Cheek

    \ 9,790 (tax-included)

    Twill Baker straight pants

    Baker pants that the center press can aim at legendary man with long legs effect. Twill material which it is easy to mix-and-match for both kireime-style and rough wearing. There is a feeling of relaxation, too and grants beautiful vanity.
  • Improves

    \ 3,190 (tax-included) 2,871 (tax-included)

    Cotton twill chef pants

    Chef pants which are comfortable in is also called cook pants, relaxing. We use strong cotton twill. By unisex design, it is excellent at Top's and affinity of big silhouette.

    \ 5,489 (tax-included)

    EASY slacks pants

    Easy pants of West rubber. By design which does not become too much casual, we can mix-and-match with various Top's. There are ivory, beige, three colors of navy.

    \ 7,150 (tax-included) 4,505 (tax-included)

    Cotton lyocell wide pants◆

    Straight pants of mix-and-match power that does not choose Top's to put together, and is high. Cotton lyocell material of soft texture. Casual nagaramokireimeni is finished to be shiny.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 10,890 (tax-included)

    ◆FFC chintz 2 tuck tapered pants

    Tapered pants of high waist. It is characterized by good luster so that there is feeling properly. Center press creates beautiful leg line clearly. One which shines in simple styling.
  • coen

    \ 4,950 (tax-included)

    Front tuck semi-wide pants #

    Semi-wide pants to drill like adult. Is elastic, cloth for firm cotton bass. West rotation is refreshing in tuck of the front desk. It matches clothes on casual clothes properly.

    \ 12,100 (tax-included)

    Lithuanian linen shirt

    Linen shirt which is digested in conjunction with work pants, and can create feeling. It is one piece with feelings in detail including tuck of neck showing a feeling of size and back figure who are relaxed, and are worn neatly.

    \ 3,289 (tax-included) 2,961 (tax-included)

    Design thong sandals

    Stylish thong sandals. Solid-looking flat sole. We fit foot pleasantly and become hard to be tired. In atmosphere that is rough in conjunction with work pants.
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