05/05 update

It is most suitable for UV measures of early summer!
Light, thin cardigan

UV cardigans of stylish design are increasing rapidly! Come by ultraviolet ray cut after protecting skin from direct rays of the sun just to put quickly; and ◎. When there is one piece at the turn of the seasons, check early by all means as you are convenient.

We tan smartly and prevent!
Items, "we look like common cardigan, and, in fact, function is with UV protection" increase. As it becomes ultraviolet ray measures just to put from T-shirt, we make an outstanding performance at the time of short going out. Design is abundant, too, but update sense of the seasons if do like this year; brighten; KOLOR. Take in favorite design!

We update for natural styling!
Thin cardigan which is light in trendy pants-style in this season is excellent at affinity. Long cardigan of with West belt creates natural atmosphere with style to wear casually instantly. Compact cardigan does shawl from Top's without sleeve in the room, and for accent of coordination. If when appear to the outdoors, wear through sleeve; for prevention of sunburn.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of May 5, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 3,289 (tax-included)

    Compact knit bolero cardigan

    UV protection compact bolero cardigan with function. Thin knit ground that is moderate by cheerful feel. Clean design without button.

    \ 10,450 (tax-included)

    [hand WASH/UV] Basic cardigan

    Basic cardigan which is good to daily errand. Smooth light dough which interferes with letting ultraviolet ray during sunbeam go through. It is useful as haori.

    \ 4,389 (tax-included) 3,951 (tax-included)

    [UV care] Hemp blend fudirongukadigan

    UV care hooded long cardigan with function. Hemp blend material with cool crisp. It is thin and is light and is convenient for carrying around. It is digested just to put lightly and can direct feeling.
  • coen

    \ 4,950 (tax-included)

    Waist marking long cardigan (UV protection)

    Long cardigan with the same cloth belt. 85% of ultraviolet ray cover rates or more. Simplicity without button and impression that becomes calm, and is adult-like in material. We can enjoy styling that we narrowed down West belt to.

    \ 15,400 (tax-included)

    ◆Fishnet printed sleeve volume knit cardigan

    Cardigan that pearl button is refined. Contact feeling of cold material to feel to be cool which is chilly when we touch skin. We cut 80% of ultraviolet ray by witty processing through ultraviolet ray. Wide pants and flared skirt and good affinity.

    \ 3,297 (tax-included)

    [M-LL] Semi-long length no button knit cardigan

    Cardigan of semi-long length. Thin knit of good rayon blend of feel using material which included UV protection effect and contact feeling of cold characteristics. To Nuance which is light in bracelet-length sleeve with a feeling of relaxation.

    \ 9,900 (tax-included)

    UV processing gown cardigan

    Cardigan of classic design which is usable without trendy relations every year. Thin material to be able to wear lightly lightly using thread processed UV into. Put on sleeveless clothes.
  • Nano・universe

    \ 6,380 (tax-included) 4,084 (tax-included)

    Cardigan with WEB-limited/UV protection V-neck belt

    V-neck cardigan which we sewed in material which gave UV protection processing. It is one piece granting seasonal wearing with West belt of the same cloth which width of styling spreads through. WEB-limited item.
  • AG by aquagirl

    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    [washable/contact feeling of cold/UV protection/beautiful woman variety of flowers May issue publication] Crew neck cardigan

    Crew neck cardigan which is simple, and is plane. Is good in contact feeling of cold, spring and summer provided with UV protection effect; is high-performance. Slightly thin light comfort. Even if shawl, lower wall of godown do, we are stylish.
  • any FAM

    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    [UV care] Apartment house ist hall garment cardigan

    Cardigan with UV care function that ultraviolet ray measures are possible just to wear. Feel that was smooth, and edited in firm hard-twist yarn, and was cheerful. There is refreshing feel, and ventilation is comfortable in good material in the spring and summer.
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