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Wearing of linen shirt!
Ten selections of adult coordination to change wrinkle to taste, and to slip on!

"Linen shirt" which it is characterized by natural texture, and plays an active part from spring to summer. It is item must-have-item smartly of adult that ventilation is not sticky well, and it seems that it is digested just to wear.
With many shirt and which has weak point awareness for trouble of iron hook and impression that sat up straight when we hear, but worry like it with linen shirt is needlessness! He/she grants style that adult who is not too casual is natural without needing trouble. Classic linen shirt which puts quickly, and is usable in reply in season to match with underwear this time and adult coordination ten bodies in the spring and summer introduce. Take care for wrinkle method peculiar to linen into account by all means!

What is linen shirt?
Linen material characterized by wrinkle feeling that is unique by smooth feel. Natural texture that natural fiber produces has charms that other material does not have. Merit to absorb sweat quickly as it is superior to cotton and silk in absorbency and quick-drying, and to dry immediately……! As for the shirt which we made with such a linen, both shirt and care are easy, and unique nuance which the subject matter produces directs fashion of adult.

In fact, all season achievement!
Linen shirt is one featuring good point of the comfort. It is recommended toward the sensitive skin by smooth gentle skin hit. As linen is fiber structure containing air, we have characteristic to collect warm air, and to be crowded, and to wrap up body in cold season. In fact, it may be said that linen shirt is always usable excellent item. Linen shirt that it seems that even one piece is digested as haori. We want to absolutely control!

We make use of wrinkle daringly and acquire the circumference and difference
Natural texture of a feeling of wrinkle which is characteristic of linen shirt. Even if there is wrinkle, it is worn with atmosphere that is relaxing and is point that what is digested, and is seen is glad. It is wash-and-wear in this season, and what we make use of worn-out texture and wear is recommended.

How do you care for wrinkle of linen shirt?
Linen is material that we are strong in washing, but recommends that we wash kindly for putting in the net when we machine-wash. As fiber can stop by, and there is unnecessary wrinkle, let's avoid overdoing of dewatering. As linen is easy to dry, water is still OK as falling tricklingly! Dough gets soggy with heaviness of water and is finished in just right texture. Only as for the part to be worried about by any chance after moistening in kiri* when hard wrinkle has been turned on ironing. Let's stretch out wrinkle well while pulling dough.

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  • JET

    \ 10,450 (tax-included)

    [washable] French linen shirt

    Standard item using good-quality linen from France. The hips are recommendation in being easy to take Balance even if a feeling of moderate length as for hiding is out in in. As for the hot season, just put from tank top and sleeveless dress quickly, for sunlight and air conditioner measures.

    \ 6,600 (tax-included) 3,960 (tax-included)

    French linen skipper shirt

    Beige shirt of easy atmosphere. As fiber uses thin "super linen" at good quality in French linen, good point of comfort is attractive. Affinity good with pants white by unhurried design which does not pick up physical line.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    [Kortrijk linen] SC regular shirt

    Regular shirt refreshing by light car. Neckline expression that position Balance of the first button is feminine. Point that is glad that it is worn without choosing skinny pants, bottom including flared skirt. It is recommended to summer plain clothes commuting-style.
  • Rouge vif la cle

    \ 19,800 (tax-included) 13,860 (tax-included)

    Linen shirt

    Linen shirt of cheerful color such as fresh and juicy tomato. Deeper back tuck and dropped shoulder sleeve create a feeling of omission. Match with denim pants and skirt with the volume lightly.

    \ 8,580 (tax-included) 3,575 (tax-included)

    Linen shirt

    kireime dropped shoulder sleeve design that "delicate vanity" of shoulder and back comes true. It is gathered up for refined wearing in the fall and winter when we match mustard yellow of being usable with colors of a similar shade such as beige brown in coordination.

    \ 14,960 (tax-included) 11,968 (tax-included)


    French linen manufacturer in business for 240 years, high-quality shirt using material of safiran company. Pattern that is silhouette is worn like adult relaxedly without casual falling too much. Even if we pin button of hem and make Cache-coeur and wear, we are stylish. <SHIPS> Comment product.

    \ 7,590 (tax-included)

    Linen relaxation shirt

    Navy shirt which features a feeling of silhouette of oversize. When we drop some shoulders and wear, it seems to be birth this year, and a feeling of omission is worn. Furthermore, for wearing that is adult-like when we put inners for same color together under the shirt. Even if put rib materials with thickness together in the fall and winter; ◎.

    \ 15,950 (tax-included)

    ◆Hardware man linen shirt

    One of trendy KOLOR of this season, linen shirt of mint green. Even jacket-style goes perfect by refined design. Add difference to the circumference and fashion in double stitch given collar or cuff links, pocket.
  • Quiksilver

    \ 7,480 (tax-included)

    CAMP LINEN shirt linen short sleeves women ORIGINALS

    Short-sleeved shirt which shines in the outdoor scenes such as camping or festival. By design of short length, open collar looks cool. In impression that hem of cut-off finish was in a feeling of vintage, and got better. We can enjoy natural fashion if we match with chino pants.
  • Mila Owen

    \ 10,780 (tax-included)

    Cocoon silhouette shirt dress

    Good cocoon shirt dress of texture. West behind is shirring design. It becomes nature and large width when you use shirring, and there is trendy feeling, too, and add one piece to wardrobe by all means as tightening effect appears.
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