04/28 update

Recommended UV protection of May
Sunscreen etc.

In fact, ultraviolet ray of early summer when it is said that we hardly change in the summer. We cannot miss UV protection even if in the room. We tan well from early time and will take measures to protect beautiful skin!

We cannot miss in house
Ultraviolet ray which we cannot be careless about throughout the year. In spring well using UV item measures. Without as we may tan even if there is exclusive sunscreen indoors outdoors let alone using, even everyday base make forgetting what UV protection does. Let's choose thing with sunscreen effect as the makeup groundwork and foundation.

Repaint every 2-3 hours
Can you not prevent ultraviolet ray enough only by having painted with the groundwork with sunscreen once in the morning? Generally, it is said that you should repaint every 2-3 hours. It is difficult to repaint when we make up, but is easy if we use UV repeated easily including sunscreen of powder foundation and spray type. You repaint diligently, and keep skin care.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of April 28, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Cosmètics makanai

    \ 3,080 (tax-included)

    shirosara humidity retention anytime UV Powder SPF50 PA++++ (for face, body)

    UV Powder of ingredient derived from nature. In "built-in puff" which Powder entered in puff, we just do plonk, and UV care is easily possible. Cleansing is not necessary and can remove with soap. [SPF50 PA++++]

    \ 3,080 (tax-included)

    Stop being burnt on block & block perfect protection <day> SPF50+ PA++++

    Gel cream which is strong in sweat and water, and is hard to collapse. It is sunscreen which is kind to skin moderating UV damage. It is usable to face and body. [SPF50+ PA++++]

    \ 2,970 (tax-included)

    Sunflower air Lee sun stick 50+ PA++++ 20 g

    Sunscreen of stick type. As flock like stick seaweed, and use, hand does not become dirty, too, and paint again; simply. We come by ultraviolet ray care from make anytime. [SPF50+ PA++++]
  • Victoria Surf&Snow &mall shop

    \ 1,298 (tax-included)

    Yellowtail Lena UV lip clear Z-0CBM0016200

    Sunscreen UV lip which does not fall even if we enter the sea with athlete pro specifications. Let alone UV care of everyday life, even leisure and sports under hot weather make an outstanding performance. Waterproof. [SPF50 PA++++]
  • Super Sports XEBIO &mall shop

    \ 968 (tax-included)

    Sun cut R protection UV spray 90 g

    UV spray of silky type with high quick-drying. We spray and can go out immediately and are convenient. We prevent paste, tsukio high, makeup deterioration of foundation. Waterproof. [SPF50+ PA++++]
  • M・A・C

    \ 5,940 (tax-included)

    Light full C+ tintiddopuraima SPF 45

    The makeup groundwork to make skin look bright by filter effect, and to improve tone. Fresh and young, creamy texture which adheres to skin suddenly. You can see external color brightly. [SPF45 PA++++]

    \ 4,620 (tax-included)

    watusakisumirefandeshonkurimu no523

    Foundation of calm cream type. Reckoning feeling that is light like emulsion. The casual finish shiny at cover power preeminence. Natural pro-ocher tone, etc., all four colors. [SPF18 PA++]

    \ 3,850 (tax-included)

    sumumeku (OC-20) <powder foundation>

    Powder foundation to finish on fresh and young skin. We cover skin trouble in spite of being light reckoning feeling well. Powder that brightness changes according to the amount of ultraviolet rays coordinates external color. [SPF32 PA+++]

    \ 5,830 (tax-included)

    Megacity block BB cushion compact 50 (61 lights)

    Cushion foundation which just does liquid-formed BB cream with sponge plonk. It adheres to skin suddenly, and the feature is that it is hard to fall apart to sweat, sebum. [SPF50 PA++++]
  • niruzuyadoremedizu

    \ 3,850 (tax-included)

    Natural UV protection milk ku SPF38 PA++++>

    It becomes easy to use and debuts. Do not want to be burnt, but do not want to put a burden on skin. Sunscreen which we developed for Japanese in pursuit of beauty of the bare skin. <SPF38 PA++++ keeping on protecting>
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