04/07 update

We want to still wear in chilly spring
Rather light outer feature

Season when outerwear to be able to put on lightly in April when we often feel that it is chilly is indispensable. Both design and material introduce the best recommended light outer with coat to wear in winter in different spring.

Outer of Green line is in season
Design that appearance is light in what we want to put on in spring. When change impression from dark tone that played an active part in winter completely, and choose bright colors such as pale tone or beige; ◎. Attention of this season in particular is green. Pistachio green, pastel green, Green of various tones including olive-green are popular.

We pay attention to functionality only by spring
Outerwear to wear in spring is helpful on not only temperature adjustment but also function side. If it is dough to water-repellent finish resisting dough and rain which are hard to assail pollen, we reduce stress in spring from to dry rainy season. It is convenient when we have one piece of simple design which it is easy to match with any coordination.

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※For information of April 7, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 9,900 (tax-included)

    Mountain hoodie◆

    [main image publication product]
    Mountain hoodie of basic design which is usable for a long time without getting tired. Twill material with a feeling of tension. It is recommended we put maxi skirts together at slightly longish length, and to dress well slowly.

    \ 6,589 (tax-included) 5,489 (tax-included)

    [UV care] Ester gown coat

    [main image publication product]
    Simple, light gown coat which trimmed waste. 100% polyester material which it is wrinkle-resistant, and manageability is distinguished for. There is UV protection function, too. If put roughly; stylishly.

    \ 10,780 (tax-included)

    CPO jacket

    [main image publication product]
    Wearing a kimono with the collar pulled back and West belt are CPO jackets of point. Let alone pants-style, kanshin MIX coordination with feminine pleated skirt and narrow skirt is recommended.
  • emmi

    \ 34,100 (tax-included) 27,280 (tax-included)

    [emmi atelier] Water-repellent trench coat

    [main image publication product]
    Trench coat of maxi length. Dough that there are superior form recovery characteristics and repels water, and storm characteristics are high. For wearing that there is the relaxation mood in form relaxedly.
  • OZOC

    \ 6,589 (tax-included)

    CPO light blouson

    Breast pocket is light blouson of accent. It is casual cotton material with irregularities on the dough surface. Design which shortish length is easy to adjust to long skirt.
  • Index

    \ 7,689 (tax-included) 6,151 (tax-included)

    [washable 42(LL)WEB-limited size] Kersey pocket zip blouson

    Compact zip-up blouson. It is dough with furrow like corduroy diagonally. Casual nimokireimenimo is usable. There is WEB-limited LL size.

    \ 26,400 (tax-included)

    [Oggi4 month issue publication] ARS span like typewriter water-repellent hooded blouson

    Hooded blouson that pipe which there is sporty Saga in is feminine. With water-repellent function that is nice on rainy day. Design which matches not only pants but also skirt at length with anteroposterior difference.

    \ 7,689 (tax-included)

    [antistatic lining] No-collar blouson/commuting /ONSTYLE

    Simple no-collar blouson. Synthetic leather dough tender with moisture. Comfort is good and is most suitable for styling of adult-like impression.

    \ 12,100 (tax-included)

    UNIVERSAL OVERALL comment coverall

    Coverall of workwear brand <universal overall> comment from the United States. Cotton material of herringbone texture which is used for suit. Exquisite sloppy feeling is stylish.

    \ 29,920 (tax-included) 17,952 (tax-included)

    Foods liner coat◇

    Removable hooded no-collar coat. Material that water-repellent finishing and pollen guard processing were given. One piece that maintained feeling and casual sano Balance by design of shoulder with feelings properly.
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