04/03 update

Attention two tone coordination
Pistachio KOLOR coordination

As for the up-and-coming KOLOR first place very much, "pistachio is green" this season. Light green with Nuance will show virginity coordination. Dress well in conjunction with beige item which you are easy to put together!

Trendy "pistachio?"
In bright pale tone, cold color system is quite popular in this season. Pistachio Green who finished light green a little in that is the best recommended. As it is not too sweet, even adult is easy to take in pattern that is gentle color taste, and freshness improves in comparison with light blue of color of a similar shade markedly. It is recommended when we have some one point as trendy feelings increase instantly.

Clothes beige in what it is easy to put together
KOLOR which is congenial to pistachio green is beige and white. Beige in particular becomes natural pair between intermediate colors, and trendy coordinates are easily completed. It is ◎. that we put knit of pistachio KOLOR together in conformity to standard beige pants, and buy more pistachio items on beige clothes on hand in total

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of April 3, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Feroux

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    [set item] Lady flower knit dress

    [main image publication product]
    Set of knit and skirt which are usable for dress sense. Knit of pistachio green is worn in short length of a kimono sleeve for a long time from spring to summer. Degree perfect score feminine as for the flared skirt in small floral design.

    \ 8,800 (tax-included)

    | Beautiful woman variety of flowers April issue publication | Knit pleated skirt

    [main image publication product]
    Pleated skirt that natural texture is good to trend of this year. 100-percent-cotton cotton knit which does not become heavy. When we entered the Top's with thin belt, we are stylish.

    \ 9,790 (tax-included)

    KBF+ back opening long dress

    [main image publication product]
    Long dress of soft impression. Tuck and Bucks tile like this year showing West clearly are stylish. Even if when want to change atmosphere, put cut pants together; ◎.

    \ 9,900 (tax-included)

    Fleece pile slit hoodie

    Hoodie of pistachio KOLOR. Material of clouchy texture. In a feeling of omission that neck which is not clogged up too much is feminine, and side slit is moderate. It is excellent at hearty bottoms and affinity.

    \ 8,910 (tax-included)

    | Beautiful woman variety of flowers March issue publication | The square neck top

    Rib Top's which is worn with anteroposterior 2-way. There is looking thinner effect in square neck which clavicle looks like clearly, too. Mix-and-match with layered with bottom in and Jean ska.

    \ 17,930 (tax-included) 16,137 (tax-included)

    Fine pattern print skirt

    Flared skirt that small pattern was printed. Refined style like woman is decided in three-dimensional silhouette. As rear of West is rubber specification, putting on and taking off is easy, too.
  • FRAY I.D

    \ 19,800 (tax-included)

    Linen silk pants

    Relaxation pants of pistachio green. A certain sense of quality dough that finished dyeing hemp and silk. Center press will show line of leg neatly. Design which is decided on both Top's in and out.

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    Cut easy pants

    Flare pants that frill hem is feminine. Impression that thin tape recorder material is natural. It is excellent at unhurried shirt and affinity. If we are transparent and match with item of material, more trendy feeling improves.

    \ 12,100 (tax-included)

    Pleats roux knit dress

    Long knit dress that pleat processing makes beautiful vertical line. We use thin knit of smooth feel of a material like spring. It is good affinity with layered style that put bottoms.
  • Mila Owen

    \ 4,180 (tax-included)

    Photoprint T-shirt

    T-shirt with trendy feeling that photoprint seems to be this season. Air permeable good 100% cotton dough. It is one piece to play an active part in unhurried sloppy silhouette to both pants and skirt.
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