03/20 update

Friend of ladies' coordination!
Horizontal stripe Top's flock

Speaking of basic popularity of fashion in the spring and summer "horizontal stripes." We can make wearing with sense of the seasons instantly. We introduce horizontal stripe Top's excellent at convenience in conjunction with accentuating horizontal stripe accessory of coordination.

Slightly different design is in season
It is popular item that there are many people to "purchase several pieces in different colors" as for the horizontal stripe Top's that contrast increases moderate accent in coordination in lateral stripe. You choose thing with accent as other than blue which is standard and multi-horizontal stripes, back simply because it is item which it is easy to cover with with people, and can hit difference by design.

For accent of pants-style
Horizontal stripe Top's accentuates as inner for outer in spring and makes an outstanding performance as arrival at one piece on warm day. Is easy to match with any bottoms, but pants-style is ◎. in this season If wearing that entered is refreshing, silhouette of on the small side sees West, too, and silhouette is recommended relaxedly, too.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of March 20, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    Horizontal stripe basket-like tote bag

    [main image publication product]
    Tote bag that wide frill is excellent at impact. Basket bag-style knitted fabric is point. Vertical length design to put up drink, and to be able to carry is ◎. It is recommended to recreation at slightly large size.
  • Green Parks

    \ 2,189 (tax-included)

    Horizontal stripe wide cut pullover

    [main image publication product]
    Pullover Top's that thin horizontal stripes are refreshing. Unhurried wide silhouette which is relaxed, and is worn. Hem with anteroposterior difference is point, too.

    \ 23,100 (tax-included) 11,550 (tax-included)

    ANNA FANTAISIE Malin horizontal stripes reversible tote bag

    [main image publication product]
    Simple horizontal stripe tote bag. Reversible design which is usable with plain fabric if we reverse. It is usable from daily to resort. With removable pouch.

    \ 6,490 (tax-included) 4,543 (tax-included)

    B: MING by BEAMS/rib boat neck pullover 20SS

    [main image publication product]
    Rib knit of multi-horizontal stripes that accent worked for. Pure silhouette that feelings fit boat neck and body which neckwear looks like clearly moderately.

    \ 1,537 (tax-included)

    Gradation horizontal stripes stole

    [main image publication product]
    Stole of horizontal stripe design tinged with gradation. One piece that light tone is feminine. As it is thin light dough, it is usable widely when we wind up roughly and put elegantly.
  • AG by aquagirl

    \ 3,850 (tax-included)

    Boat neck horizontal stripes pullover

    [main image publication product]
    Horizontal stripe pullover of yuru silhouette. Slightly harder 100% cotton chewy moderately. In design which we give sleeve tuck, and there is femininity slightly in casual sano.

    \ 15,400 (tax-included)

    <Americana (AMERICANA)> Multi-horizontal stripes T-shirt Ψ

    Multi-horizontal stripe T-shirt which there is good old atmosphere. At length with bodice with a space that dropped shoulder and anteroposterior difference with relaxation feeling to dress well. Accent that zip is casual as for the slit part.

    \ 6,050 (tax-included)

    OE Basque shirt (horizontal stripe cut-and-sew)

    Refreshing horizontal stripe Basque shirt. For compact sizing that is not too much unhurried, button of back is accent. Gentle hue raises feeling in spring.
  • earth music&ecology

    \ 1,639 (tax-included)

    Horizontal stripe horizontal stripe crew neck pullover

    Basic horizontal stripe pullover. Good-quality organic cotton material. Silhouette to see clearly while being able to afford. One piece that various coordination can mix-and-match and that article is good and is fixed.
  • Nano・universe

    \ 3,300 (tax-included)

    Horizontal stripe French sleeve T-shirt

    For classic wide drop series, good new model comes up in coming season. In impression that horizontal stripes that casual style cannot miss are slightly rather thin pace, and is adult.
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