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Mast of spring coordinates!
Floral design dress of adult

Item that floral design dress that feeling becomes gorgeous instantly is indispensable to spring daily coordination. We pick up floral design dress which does not become too much sweet which is familiar with wearing that is adult.

Gentle green and beige◎
Color that print is small as for the dress which even adult is easy to take in, and is light. In light atmosphere that seems to be spring without becoming too much generous in floral design of natural colour of the ground including green and beige. Design that thin pleats worked for skirt portion as for the trend. It is easy to dress hem which does not spread too much well like adult.

Spring outer which matches floral design dress
Spring outer No. 1 matching floral design dress is trench coat. Between long length in atmosphere of adult in composing type. If put on cardigan rib stitch knit cardigan, feminine sa perfect score. We are finished in now-like casual style when we put on denim jacket or coverall of large size roughly.

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  • Fabulous Angela

    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    Petit high-necked shirring shading off flower print dress

    [main image publication product]
    Shading off flower print dress of calm hue. Design that silhouette spreading from the refined neck rain and high waist that do not open too much softly is feminine.
  • any FAM

    \ 6,589 (tax-included)

    [matching in parent and child] [washable] Dot & flower print dress

    [main image publication product]
    Vintage-style dot & floral design dress. We can expect style up effect at high West position, too. Trench coat and long length outer and Balance are length that they are easy to take.

    \ 11,000 (tax-included)

    Monotone marguerite dress

    Monotone dress of marguerite print. For wearing that does not become too much cute in calm colour of the ground. It matches with leggings, and it is recommendation that wears knit from the top.
  • Doux archives

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    Floral design pleats dress

    Floral design pleats dress of a feeling of shear which is good so as not to be too much transparent. We can make well-controlled silhouette with with same cloth belt to West. If attach accessories, in refined impression.
  • AG by aquagirl

    \ 7,150 (tax-included)

    [washable] Floral design dress with bow tie

    Narrow classical floral design dress with scarf. Dough with a feeling of smooth omission. V-neck is refreshing appearance. The volume of high waist and flare is beautiful balance.

    \ 17,600 (tax-included) 14,080 (tax-included)

    Freesia flower print dress

    Dress of bold freesia print. For wearing that adult is casual if we put knit cardigans together. We put on trench coat and are pretty even if we peep some floral design.
  • OZOC

    \ 7,689 (tax-included)

    It is floral design pleats dress [washable]

    Repeating pattern print dress of floret. Dough with feeling that it is thin, and it is bound like Georgette. It is design that frill of neck is romantic. We run to hem, and disappearing clean thin pleats are wonderful.

    \ 9,878 (tax-included)

    Long maxi flower dress

    Long dress that floral design and a feeling of flare are feminine. In silhouette which took quantity of skirt a little too much, and was unhurried. By design having rather high West position as for the style up effect.

    \ 14,300 (tax-included)

    DEVEAUX random pleats camisole dress

    Dress that geometry print X floral design is impressive. One piece that seems to be this year when we touched expression to base with trendy pleats with camisole dress having a long wearing season.

    \ 6,589 (tax-included)

    Floral design frill dress

    Floral design dress that frill was fully treated by neck. We can enjoy kanshin MIX-style which seems to be this year with good affinity with lace-up boots and loafers with the volume.
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