03/03 update

We want to buy a new in spring!
Recommended popular furniture

Do you not redecorate interior of room that season changes and changes everyday coordinates either? Everyday living improved one rank and said convenience and picked up large furniture.

When is the furniture thing which we bought?
Single life, room share, family and living together……Interior changes by lifestyle to say this, may you not just use furniture which you obtained without feelings for years? We will enjoy fashion of room by the latest interior by all means if we do not buy a new furniture from the first single life all the time.

The making of room with united feeling
Interior is not seen in sophisticated atmosphere without united feeling of the whole room being given if theme of furniture is inconsistent. That is the same as fashion. We decide one something theme if we buy a new now and recommend what we prepare so that oneself likes the whole. As you are not bought a new casually, you think slowly and carefully, and please choose.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of March 3, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Foranew

    \ 65,780 (tax-included)

    Bari extension table

    [main image publication product]
    Dining table which lengthens by 150cm breadth from 120cm width, and is usable. Size that it is easy to use in conjunction with sofa with legs. Light brown matches with any interior.
  • BICASA furniture

    \ 14,850 (tax-included)

    Solid Wood shelf M cabinet BIMAKES brown

    [main image publication product]
    Vintage-style shelf which we can store smartly. Natural hue only by pure materials feeling gentleness. We make use of grain of wood and are oil finish that we can feel cortex.
  • BICASA furniture

    \ 90,200 (tax-included)

    Barrel dining table 160 BIMAKES brown

    [main image publication product]
    Dining table which adds to depth whenever we use with texture only by tree. We use pine innocence with thickness luxuriously. In a feeling of old materials expression that there is. Unhurried size of fuku 160 X depth 80 X 72cm in height.
  • Foranew

    \ 15,400 (tax-included)

    FOLK RUG by WILTON we. 120*180cm

    [main image publication product]
    Traditional Wilton texture rag. The feature is that pile density is superior in the durability finely. Print that is folklore is stylish. 120*180cm size.
  • INTERIOR VILLAGE by Mitsui design tech

    \ 52,800 (tax-included)

    [order industrial goods] CLEAR CHAIR ※Giftwrapping impossibility

    Is elegant while being light; bold design chair. Curve of bearing surface realizes comfortable comfort and has functionality. Order industrial goods.
  • INTERIOR VILLAGE by Mitsui design tech

    \ 81,400 (tax-included)

    [order industrial goods] varier/multi

    Multifunctional chair which it is easy to carry. By height adjustment function, we realize how to sit down to each. Even if is rich in color variations, and put in room; for accent. It is recommended to celebration of entrance to school of child.
  • INTERIOR VILLAGE by Mitsui design tech

    \ 70,400 (tax-included)

    [order industrial goods] Tom & Jerry Tom & GERRY (Tom)

    Stool for work that colorful resin and comparison with feel of a material of tree are novel. By turning bearing surface, altitude of 16cm adjustment is possible. It is usable as chair and kitchen stool for Kids.
  • Salut!

    \ 1,650 (tax-included)

    Old iron pipe chair

    Folding chair that vintage-style design is stylish. When not in use, we can receive compactly by folding. It is recommended to person of iron furniture enthusiast.

    \ 7,150 (tax-included)

    frame (frame) side table black

    Side table that top plate of grain of wood design is stylish. It is most suitable for interior that is simple & Stai Risch. It comes in in sofa and is usable, and what can aim at space-saving under table is glad.

    \ 38,280 (tax-included)

    BABO SOFA babosofa

    Compact type sofa which watched dough with luster. In form which we elaborated under the theme of "single life of woman becomes fun", space is limited room, but is easy to use.
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