02/19 update

We change room smartly
Life miscellaneous goods, interior accessory

Spring to let you feel fresh feeling as well as person that new life begins. Like change of dress of clothes, do you not enjoy redecoration of room either? We collected miscellaneous goods which showed interior smartly.

We call in spring by interior
If it aims at stylish interior, it is recommended to display houseplant and flower. Particularly, we can direct the springlike mood by making flower the leading role in this season when plant sends out buds. If there is one simple vase, he/she changes room to good relaxation space of comfort by displaying flower quickly.

We raise accessory making the most of room
If we change the whole room, it is very tough. Item which impression is big, and changes just to buy a little bit, and to change is cushion and lighting. We change cushion cover to springlike pink and by changing lighting to stylish design, raise atmosphere of room at a stretch.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of February 19, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 4,180 (tax-included)

    El Barrio T D fuser 100 ml Sari's

    [main image publication product]
    D fuser of naturalism brand <El Barrio tosukano> from Tuscany. Flavor that imaged wave and spray and the scene that played on rock of the shore lighted up by the dazzling sun.
  • Salut!

    \ 660 (tax-included)

    LED starlight Garland

    [main image publication product]
    Garland right that star motif affected. We can put in favorite place in battery-type one. For interior that is stylish just to display.

    \ 1,760 (tax-included)

    CL3711 Something R Table clock IV

    [main image publication product]
    Table clock of nostalgic design. suibumubumento and with electronic alarm tone function not to be worried about sound of needle.

    \ 6,380 (tax-included)

    a.depeche (adepeshu) rotta rattan mirror soleil L

    [main image publication product]
    Wall hangings mirror which turns impression of room. Rattan material which handmade warmth is transmitted through. In atmosphere such as seaside resort hotel.

    \ 2,750 (tax-included) 1,100 (tax-included)

    Velour cushion cover

    [main image publication product]
    Square type cushion cover. With velour dough that it is smooth, and luster is beautiful, feel is superior, too. Softly calm atmosphere to adjust to interior.
  • Salut!

    \ 1,650 (tax-included)

    Antique frame mirror

    Desk mirror that antiqued design is stylish. fuku 20 X 30cm in height size that it is easy to put on chest and the desk.

    \ 22,000 (tax-included)

    RL Flag cushion cover

    Cushion cover of cotton knit. Flag moiety of the Star-Spangled Banner embroiders knitting place, star part, and relationship of Flag is discerning detail called handsewn.

    \ 3,300 (tax-included)

    retorotorasshubin 5 L navy

    It is dust bottle characterized by feel of a material that is form of round type that is easy to adjust to interior and calm coloring, mat mat.
  • Foranew

    \ 8,800 (tax-included)

    PAISLEY FRINGE RUG_90 *130cm

    It is Paisley Fringe Rug which greatly featured refined paisley. In material of polyester without bushy foot, lining has slipper, too and can use on flooring refreshingly.
  • INTERIOR VILLAGE by Mitsui design tech

    \ 74,800 (tax-included)

    [we recommend to gift] ★2018 new item ★ARC table lamp KT388

    Arc (arc) comes up in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the foundation of LE KLINT (LE KLINT) in 2018. Arc to feel some nostalgia while being modern is recommendation in others and which is looking for design which is not fogged.
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