02/18 update

Spring new item shoes feature

Do stylish preparations toward spring not begin with shoes? Mainly on springlike light color, we collected spring new item shoes which could be ahead of season casually!

Light color of cold color system is popular
To light spring fashion, it renovates shoes. If there are any pumps of light KOLOR letting you feel season, motivation of fashion improves, too. Warm colors system such as pink or orange is spring standard, but cold colors system such as green or blue is popular in this season, too. He/she finishes coordination in feminine without being too sweet.

Figure to wear breezily barefoot is stylish!
Affinity that shoes like bottoms of color of a similar shade in spring of light color. As it is easy to match refreshing white bottoms with shoes of what kind of color, we recommend. As it seems that wearing shines firmly barefoot smartly, challenge with skirt and pants of long length by all means in total from the New Year.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of February 18, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Titivate

    \ 3,289 (tax-included)

    8cm heel pointed toe pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Off-white 8cm heel pumps. With a feeling of fitting wear; feeling. We are glad that foot is hard to be tired even if we wear for a long time. The former is shallower and sees foot neatly.

    \ 6,600 (tax-included)

    NIEVE software pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Convenient 5cm heel pumps. As we lighten friction of thumb in wide shoe tree, it is design which it is easy to wear for hallux valgus. Casual karakireimemade is wide and is usable.
  • Nano・universe

    \ 8,030 (tax-included) 6,424 (tax-included)

    Square pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Square toe pumps of refined pink beige. It is easy to walk with large heel of a certain sense of stability 5.7cm and can expect beautiful leg effect, too. It is usable from commuting to party, invite of wedding ceremony.

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    BY smart square toe flat pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Square toe pumps of yellow. In step of adult who is refined with suede with raised feeling that is mat. It is comfortable to walk in with low heels, and a sense of stability is outstanding, too.

    \ 6,930 (tax-included)

    NOOR enamel pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Enamel pumps that 5cm heel can show foot clearly. It is recommendation for people who are hard to be tired as there is cushion inward, and do not usually wear heel.

    \ 5,489 (tax-included)

    Back-strap pumps

    [main image publication product]
    Back-strap pumps. Is comfortable to walk in; solid-looking 4cm heel. As it is design which impression turns into by KOLOR, plural buying is recommended, too.

    \ 18,480 (tax-included)

    [REMME/ reme] Suede pumps

    Clean pointed toe pumps. Suede material with a feeling of refined raising. 5cm heel which is most suitable for daily use. For wearing that of course is casual in kireime-style.

    \ 7,590 (tax-included)

    20/SS software square ribbon ballet shoes

    Ballet shoes which can wear kireimeni. Accent that ribbon of tiptoe is lovely mature. Square toe design is stylish.
  • Piche Abahouse

    \ 18,150 (tax-included)

    [the best pumps] Beautiful leg X comfortable 7cm heel pumps

    Pumps of coloring to color foot gorgeously. 7cm heel which can show style well without being too high. As finger-tip improves sense becoming tight in last of prevention of previous sliding, is comfortable; wear; feeling.

    \ 9,790 (tax-included)

    V cut chunkey heel pumps

    N.Pumps that popular V cut silhouette is beautiful in this. Heel is not too expensive, too, and it is solid-looking, and overall silhouette is refreshing, too. Foot hit wears by software softly, and insole is excellent at feeling, too.
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