10/29 update

In impression that is gentle by light color
Leatherette jacket of adult

Leatherette jacket that is recommended on day when we want to put lightly. It is standard item, may there be person who shuns saying "it seems to become hard impression?" We focus on design which it is easy to take in in adult nokireime-style this time and introduce!

Color that is light if we wear womanfully
One of the standard outers that cold leatherette jacket that is hard to draw air, and is worn quickly makes an outstanding performance at the turn of the seasons. As it becomes stylish atmosphere with one piece, add to wardrobe if you do not have yet. Light colors such as beige or Mocha brown are recommended if we match with kireimena-style. We can dress well for refined impression.

It is easy to make coordinates with seasonal item
Length is not so too long, and is easy to match leatherette jacket with coordination; and ◎. When we matched with hearty bottoms such as trendy wide pants or flared skirt, we can show the upper body compactly and can dress well in a good balance. It is adult-like to put to simple knit dress of vertical line.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of October 29, 2019, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Nano・universe

    \ 39,600 (tax-included) 31,680 (tax-included)

    Semi-washstand leather riders

    [main image publication product]
    Ryder's that moderate luster and form which is on the small side are feminine. We use flexible sheep leather in software lightly. In coordination which is fresh like this year when we put skirt or culottes pants of cloth with patterns together.
  • archives

    \ 6,490 (tax-included)

    Synthetic leather riders

    Rider's jacket of synthetic leather. Dough which we did well softly. Design which is simple made, and wears well. It is excellent at affinity with any clothes from dress to pants-style.

    \ 8,239 (tax-included) 7,416 (tax-included)

    [drama wearing] Synthetic leather no-collar jacket

    No-collar jacket which does not depend on trend. Synthetic leather which is comfortable in flexible feel of a material. It is easy to care for and can put casually. It is good to adult coordination with elegance that we did well.

    \ 10,780 (tax-included)

    Synthetic leather blouson

    No-collar blouson which the face circumference looks like clearly. Hearty wide pants and good affinity. Design which matches casual outing coordination of holiday let alone commuting-style.
  • ViS

    \ 6,578 (tax-included)

    [MACHINE WASHABLE] Eco's aide riders blouson

    Riders that light color adjusts to skin. Design which suppressed hard sao by making collar small. With texture that is mat, we use Eco's aide of soft touch. To dress coordination.
  • Any SiS

    \ 14,300 (tax-included)


    Rider's jacket which we finished in feminine. Thin, soft synthetic leather to be able to put on casually. It is texture such as suede by raised processing. It is good to long skirt and cloth with patterns bottoms.

    \ 14,740 (tax-included)

    Synthetic leather rider's jacket

    Synthetic leather rider's jacket excellent at mix-and-match power. For accent that appears for an instant when lace to lining cast, and is cute. Knit dress and in total good affinity.

    \ 36,300 (tax-included)

    Rider's jacket

    Rider's jacket which created femininity with beige which was mat. It is soft and uses good-quality leather. MIX-style with feminine dress and lace item is recommended.

    \ 20,900 (tax-included)


    No-collar blouson of refined impression. hodoryo i luster and tension that made surface finishing on lamb leather which we tanned carefully are characteristic. Design that hard sao of riders seems to be woman whom we suppressed and can dress well.

    \ 35,200 (tax-included) 31,680 (tax-included)

    Leather no-collar jacket

    Leatherette jacket to be simple, and to play an active part in ON-OFF various scenes. Comfort that is mild with leather of soft texture softly. In coordination feminine in conjunction with skirt or dress.
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