• 05/14 update news

Information for credit card, electronic money, gift certificate to be able to use

In LaLaport EXPOCITY, following credit cards, electronic money, gift certificates are available at each store.

[available credit]
Mitsui Shopping Park card << Saison >>/LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza card << Saison >>/Saison /UC (we include master)/
Mitsui Sumitomo (VISA)/JCB/DISCOVER/AMEX/ Diners/Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos/view card/Rakuten card/ion/orient/
Cedyna (central /OMC)/ JACCS/Toyota/life/APLUS/Tokyu/UCS/Keihan Railway card/ginren card

[available electronic money]
Pro-traffic IC (Suica, ICOCA, PASMO, Kitaca, TOICA, manaca, SUGOCA, nimoca does not run already)/
PiTaPa/Edy/iD/ Rakuten pay /d payment (docomo payment) /PayPay/Alipay/WeChatPay

[available debit card]
JCB debit card/VISA debit card

[available prepaid card]
VISA prepaid card /Master prepaid card (WebMoney card, au WALLET)

[available gift certificate]
LaLaport common shopping, meal ticket/Mitsui Shopping Park card << Saison >> shopping ticket/
JCB/Mitsui Sumitomo (VISA)/UC/ Diners/Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos/AMEX

※Even mention mentioned above may not be available by ticket class partly. For more details, please confirm at store.
※In facility, the store, it is not available partly. For more details, please confirm at store.
※At the time of the purchase of some products, it is not available. For more details, please confirm at store.
※The details such as usage confirm each face of a bill or please connect with credit card companies.
※Please note that publication information may be changed without notice.
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