• 05/17 update

About exchange correspondence of facility shopping ticket of February, 2020 ~6 end of the month expiration date

Thank you very much for always using LaLaport EXPOCITY.
For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we change some Hours of operation.
Therefore exchange to facility shopping ticket which extended expiration date copes about facility shopping ticket of expiration date on the end of from February, 2020 to June.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.
■We change in the first-floor General Information
・LaLaport common shopping meal ticket
・Shopping, meal ticket which is usable in the check 3,000 yen (tax-included) for exclusive use of LaLaport EXPOCITY or more
・Shopping ticket, coupon which other LaLaport EXPOCITY issues

■We change in the third-floor Card Desk
・Shopping ticket for exclusive use of credit payment that we issued at the time of the Mitsui Shopping Park card << Saison >> enrollment
・Shopping ticket for exclusive use of Saison card, UC card which we issued at the time of immortal point exchange in Saison eternity
・Mitsui Shopping Park card << Saison >>, LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza card << Saison >> new enrollment campaign shopping, meal ticket
※At the time of exchange, please bring target facility shopping ticket.
※Facility shopping ticket out of expiration date previous than January, 2020 is the outside targeted for exchange.
[expiration date of facility shopping ticket after exchange]
We will trade with facility shopping ticket of September 30, 2020 on expiration date.
※Based on future social conditions, we may be changed.
[exchange-response period]
Business reopening day - July 31, 2020
※Based on future social conditions, we may be changed.
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