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Instructions about event

●On account of the sponsor, cancellation or contents may be changed holding.
●In the case of bad weather, cancellation or contents may be changed holding
●When you purchase products in event site, point grant, parking Services are excluded.
●Please refrain from jikomi of shooting apparatus, recording, recording apparatus. Shooting, recording, recording is prohibited without permission of sponsor entirely.
●We take place that we put baggage and seat around stage and prohibit sit-in in obstruction of traffic, other customers coming to trouble.
●We prohibit staying overnight around facility in the middle of the night.
●As for accident, the theft that occurred outside in facility, sponsor, facility, performer does not take responsibility at all.
●For prevention of accident and trouble of the day, we may arrange various limits.
●We hope that we have you see according to guidance of the staff in facility.
●When it is against instructions, event may be called off in consideration of security.
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