Sundays and holidays until from 12:00 to 16:00
Congestion is expected.
On visit for the use of public transport
I would like cooperation.

Let's go in monorail or Bus to LaLaport EXPOCITY!

Parking lot

In three-dimensional parking lot Car to * menoo visitor

As hierarchies of entrance from retail floor are different, for each parking lot, please be careful.
※There is headroom of 2.3m in parking lot.

About Parking fees

Parking lot Services of Saturday became advantageous.

Base rate: Every 30 minutes 200 yen (common throughout each parking lot)
The greatest free service time
(weekdays, soil) is free of charge until up to five hours for up to seven hours (Sunday/Holiday)
①Free service (possible tax-included adding up) by purchase
Purchase amount of money Free service time
Weekdays, soil Sunday/Holiday
No purchase Two hours free of charge -
2,000 yen or more Three hours free of charge in total One hour free of charge
5,000 yen or more Four hours free of charge in total Two hours free of charge in total
10,000 yen or more Five hours free of charge in total Three hours free of charge in total
  • ※In the case of the use, this Services condition is applied in each 1 entertainment the facility, official Shops/Restaurants cafe.
②Free service by the entertainment facility use
Target entertainment facility Free service time
109 cinemas Osaka EXPOCITY Three hours free of charge
NIFREL (NIFREL) ※1 Two hours free of charge
At the time of event holding
Services may be different
(Osaka English village) ※1 detail are this
※Services time
It varies according to the lesson number of times.
REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL ※1 ①Free service by purchase
We are applied.

Mitsui Shopping Park card <Saison> member,
Mitsui Shopping Park reward card member is free of charge at +1 time

※ Because of one piece of stationed-in-bike-race ticket only as for once
※Free service until (weekdays, soil) up to seven hours (Sunday/Holiday) up to five hours

  • ※ When we have each parking lot of Expo’70 Commemorative Park stop, the parking Services mentioned above is not intended.
  • ※ Person having disability certificate, please show notebook to the first-floor orange side General Information.
  • ※ The parking Services mentioned above is year-end and New Year, and day when our facilities such as busy seasons appoint may become exclusion.
About outside store targeted for grant of Mitsui Shopping Park customer, customer who does not have Mitsui Shopping Park card having Mitsui Shopping Park card

To customer that pet is accompanied by

To customer accompanied by pet

When pet is accompanied by, please pass route Pet companion is possibleof one of the right figure. (you cannot pass other than ※ book route.)

  • Please use pet cart or carry-back.
    (limited to pet cart, carry-back of type that brain of pet is not reflected on.)
  • To each floor, please use pet companion possible elevator.
  • About accident, trouble due to pet, our facility cannot take any responsibility.